Yoga For Everyone

Yoga For Everyone

I have the best job ever.

I know many of you can also say that as well. I’m so very lucky that I can make my living as a yoga teacher. And that I get to share the beauty of this practice with all of you.

As most of you know, I’ve spent alot of time this past year studying adaptive yoga with Matthew Sanford. It’s been one of the rewarding and challenging processes I’ve ever been through. I knew after my first class with him that I had to bring his vision and work to South Carolina. And I’m so happy that you all have been willing to listen, learn and participate.

After months of networking, I was able to get on the monthly support meeting calendar for the SC Spinal Cord Association. I trained volunteers that had experience on a yoga mat. No needed expertise with spinal cord injury or disability required. All the volunteers were so willing to learn how to assist in order to best share the practice of yoga that we all have benefited from.

The whole group - volunteers and participants

The whole group – volunteers and participants


The demo class went extremely well! And now I’m putting wheels in motion to set up Columbia’s first full blown adaptive yoga class. Now you know I believe in celebrating one miracle at time – so I am. I’m happy that Yoga Masala¬†will be hosting the class with ample storage space and accessibility. I’m happy that there are people interested in participating and practicing. And I’m happy that people are still approaching me about volunteering.


Down Dog anyone?

Down Dog anyone?


Ok, that’s 3 miracles. But one more is still needed.

Equipment is needed. And as proud a woman as I am, I need to ask for help. What makes this easier for me to do is that it’s not help for myself, but for the program and those it will benefit.

I’ve set up one of those donation pages. Every little bit will help. I’ll keep you updated on when we start class and feel free to come by and see what your donation has helped provide. (Maybe even volunteer!)

Here’s the link:¬†

I’m ambitiously aiming to start classes May 15! Classes will be once a week on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm* and will be held on a donation basis.


Joanna's great smile

Joanna’s great smile


Here’s the link again. Feel free to pass it on.



Big thank you to all the volunteers!

Big thank you to all the volunteers!

Much love,



*Class time subject to change


  1. Laura Mickelson says:

    Dara, I am so impressed with what you are doing. I’ve been moving toward starting my Yoga Therapy certification and also am interested in making Yoga more accessible to all people, no matter what their disability. Thank you for what you are doing!!


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