Tough Choices

Tough Choices

I don’t know where I’d be without my writing. I have these blogs I share with you and then there’s the other stuff that I write that someone can publish when I’m long gone.

Many of you have heard me say that I used to write all the time when I was a teenager, mainly short stories. Some I shared. Some I didn’t. Most of my writing was a way for me to get what was in my head out. Then academia took over and writing became a chore. I found my love for writing and processing through writing again with the help of my writing coach, Cassie Premo Steele.



Cassie and i are leading a mini-retreat on June 21!

Cassie and I are leading a mini-retreat on June 21!


These past few weeks have been full of tough choices…and alot of writing. My sweet kitten who has been my companion for 11 years was diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal cancer. As she was being diagnosed, I had a hard time trying to reconcile how I was going to pay to treat a sick animal and feed a teenage  boy at the same time. Somehow I was going to make it work. I wasn’t ready to give up my pet. I rescued her with the intention of not only having a cute fuzzy thing to love, but to learn how to share my space.

Let’s be honest, when you live alone for as long as I have, sharing space is not something that comes naturally. (Ironically though, I shared a room with my little sister for most of my life. But then you get your own space… and well, it’s not something you give up willingly.)

I had never had a pet before. Mom’s thing was she already had 3 kids; she didn’t need something else to take care of. So I got this kitten and knew NOTHING. I read some sort of Idiot’s Guide to Cat Care book and bought all this stuff. Little did I know that all I had to do was pay attention and my dear sweet fuzz ball would teach me all I need to know about her.  I learned how to share my bed with a snoring animal, my lap, and my hair ties. I learned I had emotions I never dreamed of when I heard her cry. And I’ve learned that I’m not ready for her to die.

However, her decline has been quick and this week I’ll say goodbye to her and hello to a teenager. It’s poetic when you think about it. The spirit who taught me about creating space in order to share, is making space so that I can share with another. She’s taught me everything she was put into my life to teach me and her job is done. And I’ll miss her horribly.

My sweet Shanti

My sweet Shanti


My writing has gotten me through these past few weeks. And I’m particularly happy that Cassie taught me  that you never have to share what you write. My heart’s deepest desires are only communicated with my mind via the pen serving as mediator. I hope that you’ll join us and share in a bit of what I love. I can’t think of any other tool that is a more perfect compliment to my practice to help me process the loss of my first pet.

P.S. – Cassie won’t make you share what you write either.


What: Shine in Body and Mind: A mini retreat

When: Saturday, June 21

Where: City Yoga 

Time: 12-6 pm

Who’s it for: Anyone. The afternoon will include all levels yoga, writing, meditation and reflection

Cost: $50

Bring a journal and a snack.

To register click here.



The song my kitten was named after. I sing it to her all the time.


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, June 7 – Teaching at the Y at 9:30 am

Tuesday, June 10 – Guest teaching the 9 am Gentle class at City Yoga

Saturday, June 21 – Guest teaching the 8:30 am Basics at City Yoga AND the mini retreat!

Saturday, June 28 – Guest teaching the 8:30 am Basics at City Yoga AND Asana Junkies at 10:30 am

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