Adult is a verb

Adult is a verb

Many people put their yoga teachers on a pedestal.

That’s crazy.

I can tell you that I’m not deserving of any pedestal nor do I ever want to be placed on one unless there’s a trophy being awarded. I am no better than anyone. In many ways I fail at life. I speak when I should keep my mouth shut. I don’t always wait to send an angry email. And I’m definitely not always the best communicator when it comes to my feelings.

These are all things I’m working on too. This is why I practice.

I very recently went through a rough patch.  You may have heard my voice break as I’d randomly would tear up as I was teaching. My heart was broken over my lack of ability to communicate and deal with a family issue that was standing in the way of my growth. In the process, I hurt someone very important to me. It took awhile but I eventually summoned the courage to dive directly into my fears.

This could only happen because I took the time to dive into my practice.

I took time to be quiet, listen, meditate, talk with those I trust…which eventually allowed to trust myself…again.

It all takes work.  I wish I have a different experience to share with you. The older I get the more I understand “adult” to be a verb and not really a noun.

Your practice is a magnificent way to “adult.” Not only will it guide you through a wide range of emotions and physical sensations. It will help when you’re injured – and not just physically. It will teach you that like life, your practice will be and look different for different times/stages/phases.

I’m so grateful for the softer parts of my practice – meditation, journaling, reading. They sustain me in ways that Down Dog cannot.

There’s yoga for the body. And then there’s yoga for the heart – true “adult-ing.”


As promised! Here are pics from the retreat! I’m already looking into next years dates!






  1. Hi Dara,

    I am Tiphaine, a French yoga student.
    I just discovered your TEDx video on adapting yoga and then your biography and blog. What you are doing is amazing, I do not find any other word for it 🙂
    So I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience with us, and congratulation for the second birthday of your adapted class. I am not going to miss any other posts from you now.
    The intuition and feelings I have for adapted yoga are in my mind for a time now, and your are confirming that I am taking the right way.

    Talk you soon!


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