Life Upside Down

Life Upside Down

Sometimes life turns things upside down.

Sometimes life turns things upside down.

Well, it’s been a while since I sat down to write. I think all of us in South Carolina knew what happened at the beginning of October, when I normally would have posted. The “1000 year flood” is not a distant memory in our minds. Many of us have moved and so many people still cannot. I get a little nervous now hearing about rain in the weather forecast and when I watch the news I have a whole new sense of empathy for natural disaster stories.

I’m still trying to figure out what I learned from the whole flood experience…or if I’m supposed to learn anything at all. Sometimes shit just happens and it doesn’t have a bigger purpose. Is that what this flood was? That remains to be seen.  And trust me, I’m watching.




Many of you have asked about my “new” job. If you measure newness by how clean someone’s desk is it’s no longer spotless but is covered in piles – you know the ones. Guess the job is not so new anymore.

I can tell you that because of said job, my fatigue level is out of control. As most of you know, sitting at a computer kills your energy and I’m out of practice….and the research project isn’t in full swing yet! In an attempt to keep my sanity and be well rested (so that I don’t burn out on you), I’ll be giving up a class at each location that I teach.


Classes I’m removing from my schedule:

My desk "organization"

My desk “organization

Friday 6 am @ the Y as of Dec. 1

Friday 6 pm @ City Yoga as of Dec. 1

Saturday 10 am @ Yoga Masala as of Jan. 1


All other classes will remain intact. I’ll be there or be square….will you?


On the upside, there are things in the pot brewing that I’m excited about. It’d be premature to share them at this moment but know at least this part…the next Yoga and Wine will happen in January for my birthday (my last year in my 30s!!). I certainly hope you’ll help me celebrate.


See you soon,



  1. I was shocked when you mentioned that you teach 12 (!) classes per week during yesterday’s class at the Y! I can’t imagine doing that AND working full-time. Bless you. (Glad you’re cutting back but not cutting us off :))

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